Brainstorming : AJ

da-vinci-quoteMany hypotheses exist regarding the formation of Earth and the seven other planets in our solar system. Considering the scale in which celestial bodies operate and the very limited amounts of heavy elements found in stars and planets, there aren’t many scenarios that can explain the evolution of the sun and planets. In truth, there is only one explanation for what really happened, however, that information exceeds the reach of all life formed after that time. So the only thing we can do is guess and check until a story seemingly fits into place with everything else we discover in harmony.

Considering the current state of knowledge about this subject being “unknown” along with many other uncertainties about the universe, it’s important to consider all options even if they seem extreme or crazy at first. The general rule is to create a solution that is both reasonable and outlandish and then try to use that solution to explain something in its ballpark. This is very efficient for the person willing to make-believe and criticize their own ideas at the same time as truly wanting to figure out how something can be true or not true based on their current beliefs with the possibility of being wrong. Either way, any belief a person might have should have no problem adding to the equation of imagined scenarios as supporting evidence or proof that specific variables need to be changed or reexamined. Writing a dialog back and forth with one’s self can be extremely useful. Eventually writing an outrageously possible explanation to scenario XYZ evolves into a more definite, possibility for explaining XYZ, 123, and how they interact with each other and everything else. There are only two outcomes to this exercise, either something becomes more true or it becomes less true, either way it is beneficial for learning new things.
In the case of the planets and the sun, it doesn’t really make much difference if the details are known or not but for all intensive purposes, let’s say it happened like this…TBC


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