Imaginary Council-Napoleon Hill

I once read a book by Napoleon Hill called think and grow rich. I was very interested in the idea of using my mind as a tool to creatively build my life as I saw fit. Could this really be possible, to think my life awesome? What could be achieved through using only one’s mind I wondered. I was especially intrigued by Napoleon Hill’s “Imaginary Council” of men. It was exciting to read about his experience communicating with these men he admired, most of whom had long since died. Interestingly enough, during these imaginary meetings, Hill’s mind constructed personalities for each of these men or perhaps he discovered a way to communicate using only his subconscious mind.

When you stop to think about it, is the latter really that unimaginable considering how amazing the human mind is. When it comes to communication the mind finds every possible connection it can make between two or more people. Back and forth, exchanging ideas and body language, the subconscious mind each person within a shared environment will naturally We dream at night of places we’ve never been and people we’ve never met yet somehow our mind still finds a way to interact with them as if they were real.

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