Hawaiian Adventures

It’s been six weeks since I left my home in Stillwater, Minnesota. After 17 hours of travel and layovers, my plane landed on Maui, Hawaii. The island has beauty everywhere you turn. Every beach has its own sandy fingerprint, unique to the location it resides. Every tree has flowers and fruit growing on its branches and the pineapple tastes like something you’d buy at a candy shop. Sugar cane fields dance in the wind, making the world a sweeter place, one grain at a time. This is my home now. It is nothing like where I came from, the fresh water trees and lakes that I’m used to but that’s the best part of living. Trying new things and experiencing the world in new ways.

I am completely out of my comfort zone and I have no idea what I’m doing but I feel okay with that at the moment. My objective wasn’t to feel comfortable. I wanted to experience a new way of life and meet people  who are nothing like me.

So far, I couldn’t be more amazed with how perfect the world is. You truly get what you give in this life. Give well ❤ CAM00318


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