The creative mind always prevails :


Many people quote Albert Einstein and that’s not because he was mathematically inclined or a brilliant physicist, it is because he had this amazing ability to think of ideas that were so insane and improbable that they might actually be true and many of those ideas proved to be true or at least necessary for the advancement of science. However, sometimes it seems like we forget where the real magic is. We credit numbers and figures, physics and other measurable entities but like Sir Albert E once said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
And I 100% agree with this statement. Sometimes I think about what it means to be alive and a part of this wonderful universe we call home, and my mind comes up with many interesting theories and conclusions but with no way of measuring thoughts or testing them scientifically, they are just ideas and will remain this way forever. However, as weird as it may be, I honestly feel more certain and sure about the things I thought of on my own and have no real evidence or physical data whatsoever other than my own personal experiences and brainstorming ideas onto paper or in my head. I just feel more confident about these ideas than some of the stuff I have been taught in school, including college. Obviously, I don’t feel this way about everything but sometimes I’ll be listening to my professor lecture and think to myself, there’s no way that’s accurate or I’ll wonder why someone would explain and believe something that to me, seems really outlandish. It seems like people would rather create false reasoning than believe in abs ideas that just make sense but have little evidence to support them. Science does not allow abstract reasoning.
It’s kind of unfortunate really.
That’s not to say I don’t appreciate Science exactly as it is or wish to change it. I only wish that that people would be open to imaginative ways of thinking and respect ideas that may not be explainable. So many of us ridicule creative thinking at times and I’m sure there are so many people afraid to talk openly about ideas they have because they seem bizarre or different and have little evidence if any to support them. If we could accept or consider the possibility that maybe crazy ideas aren’t all that crazy. In fact, the only thing we actually ever know is that we know nothing at all. We can guess and explain the universe all we like, but it doesn’t make it any more true. Science explains how things interact and the mechanics of how things work, but it doesn’t explain why something is the way it is or its reason for existing.

So how can we say that we know anything about the physical world when we can never truly know why people, places and things exist in the first place? Everything was created for a reason and has an intended purpose, whether it be significant or not, this defines things as being unique. Not knowing something as fundamental to a person, place or thing as its reason for existing or how it affects the world and other people, means anything we might observe or conclude about the world, is pure imaginative story-telling based on speculation that has continued for generations of people living and sharing in many environments. COLLABORATION of ideas over time has caused us to falsely believe things as being factual that are inaccurate and completely misleading, yet we blindly trust ideas just because they make logical sense and it’s easier to believe them than challenge 90% of the world’s population and be ridiculed for thinking about things that go against common belief.

A good example of this is when Charles Lyell expressed his belief that the Earth was more than 300 million years old. People did not like this idea because it meant that things like Noah’s Arc didn’t really happen. People do not react kindly when someone threatens their belief system, especially when it’s something as influential to people’s lives as Christianity was at the time Lyell was making these claims.
We know now that Lyell was right about Earth’s age, but it took real bravery on his part to challenge popular belief. Luckily he was about to prove his claims with evidence but I’m certain there are some things that can’t never truly be proven or explained with tangible evidence. Like emotion, I can never provide evidence for the way I feel love or pain in any tangible type of way that can be experienced or understood by another person. Same with the sensations my body experiences when I encounter others or the way my mind thinks thoughts. I also can’t prove that the hair on my body or anyone’s body for that matter was created to keep us warm and regulate temperature like science tells us it is. I honestly don’t think that’s why we have hair but because it explains hair in a way that seems believable, we trust this logic as being sound but is it really?

Who knows, maybe, maybe not.
I respect someone greatly who can think how they want to and be who they are, even if it means being different and even a little crazy at times.
The craziest ideas are the best ones in my opinion.
Id rather dreams up crazy ideas than be accepted by people because I deny myself the pleasure of being creative and vulnerable to my imagination.
I hope others feel the same


Out of the box: Pondering

What is a Singularity?
How is it different from anything else or is it just one part to a larger whole?
The definition according to Google is “the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular.” That being said, we must consider the beginning of time for a moment to understand this idea better.
The one and only question we should be asking is- What caused time to start moving in the first place?
The evolution of matter and space began the moment when nothing became something and that something became larger and more distinct each moment that passed. Shifting into a place where the amount of space and matter evolves into something new over and over, the universe is never wrong or inaccurate. As the present becomes past and potential future variations become reality, the big picture is always changing while slowly defining its every movement. This process distinguishes the universe every moment during its lifetime. whether its a millisecond or 10 billion years, it will be defined by every moment prior, as well as immediately following. This process creates unique values and physical qualities every instance existence occurs. They all get sandwiched together to form one long chain of events that together create a reflection of the physical universe.
The universe, of course, can only be seen outside its outer epidermis and experienced within it as only the small, variable scale they exist. Nothing can be known for certain and questions of how or where they came from remain unanswered as the struggle to understand persists as they do. Few hints are provided to the dweller within. All one can ever hope to learn about the universe is dependent solely on their ability to read their surroundings. Only two possible observations can be made. Now either something is bigger or it is smaller, either its faster or slower, more favorable or less favorable, older or younger, more complex or simple. The list goes on and on but at any rate this is the only means for discovering any information about one’s self and the world.

Every star and speck of dust exists on infinite scales that only become definable if and when a separate body compares itself with a shared location in space. Otherwise, infinite scales of matter remain fused as one complete scale of everything there is.
It’s important to realize the fact of all things being both a small part in the many large scales found in the universe and also as singular masses with measurable variations of matter and energy. This is important because it means absolutely everything can be explained in terms of whatever scale a person chooses. As long as there is a level of understanding of how matter functions at its most basic level the point in time marked clearly as the beginning of the timeline that also has an end point. The potential for explaining how matter came to unfold from start to finish during the time scale is relatively high but only if the person completely understands basic matter functions at the beginning of the chosen time.
This is because if all things are made of exactly the same elementary particles, then as long as an understanding is already established, all the elements can reveal the story of how matter came to be what it is from what it was. After all, heavier elements are just older versions of the same basic elements over time that have been rearranged or combined with elements they encounter to ultimately become new variations of themselves. Since all matter is protons, neutrons and electrons moving as individual atoms, regardless of how completely dissimilar two bodies may be physical, they can still interact. Communicating via the elementary particles they are both made of, they provide insight to each other about the nature of who they are and aren’t. Sharing one environment at the same time allows the exchange of information to be less variable as environmental factors are eliminated as well as past and future are exactly the same for both parties (meaning now is experienced in real-time). This allows a reflection of reality to be seen by each of them through the actions and reactions the other produces and compare it to their own actions and reactions to try and understand how these differences and similarities are directly related to the outcomes they experienced or witnessed the other experience. Basically SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION, NEW IDEAS, and other DATA can be exchanged and shared with every interaction of matter.

Another important realization is that just because something does not have an energy source of its own, does not mean it is not a source of energy for something else,

empty space and the composition of the two that make up a whole body complete with an inside and outer layer that separates them from everything else. The physical qualities, the location within space, as well as the age of a structure, differentiates it. Observably, every individual reflects a unique image that external viewers can not see and only they themselves can feel this “image.” Which is really just their body, which they can never truly observe and feel at the same time directly.

The Elements of Reality: Ingredients For The World

empty space, dense particles, and varying levels of energy construct the entire universe. Individual clusters will shape elements that exist at the moment creation occurs. For example when stars are born, they were first the product of hydrogen gas spinning together into a protostar. The star is not completely formed until hydrogen is forced to begin fusing at the center of each hydrogen cluster. It will maintain this energy until time has consumed every bit of hydrogen the star had at the beginning of its life. Once the star has exhausted its all of its fuel, it will have nothing left to fuse. At this point, the star will die, leaving behind trace elements for new stars to consume. These elements are all but teaspoons of variation in the grand scheme of things, but it is these teaspoons that allow evolution to produce variations for every location of space matter exists. Eventually these spoonfuls develop over time, creating unique systems that don’t exist anywhere else. This is what makes the universe so special. It may seem like an endless void filled with tiny specks of light and dust but its much more than that. I don’t think anyone would argue that the universe is an immaculate creation that exceeds humans understanding. The real magic isn’t in the extravagant complexities the universe was created by, rather the amazing truth that everything that ever was or will be is made from the same three ingredients. Isn’t that pretty crazy to think about. If this is true, then every interaction we experience is the result of our body’s energy-matter ratio constantly changing

Eventually, matter will organize itself into groups that compliment overall energy: matter ratio unique to every location of space. This is what causes evolution, matter to time embedded as elements interacting within definite areas the two within locations these time creations spread

Food For Thought

There is so much detail to go over and I’m not quite sure the best way to go about telling a story that has no definite middle or end and the beginning is not what it seems to be. I guess the real question is, where to begin this tale of time evolving one universe?

Where did the universe come from?

This is a question that can’t ever really be answered but it’s a necessary question we must ask ourselves if we ever hope to understand the universe. It’s not the details that are so much important rather its just being able to acknowledge the possibility that our universe was created by some larger source of energy, beyond our observation.

It makes sense that the universe was created within the interior of some kind of Alpha universe if you will. By definition creation only occurs if something has clear, distinct values of XYZ that are unlike anything before it, making it unique and new. XYZ isn’t possible unless there was a time before it that XYZ didn’t exist. Otherwise, there is no difference between what was and what is. Something can not exist nowhere out of nothing because even nothing is still something and nowhere will always be somewhere.

Whether you believe in a god, science, or a mixture of the two does not really matter. All that matters is being able to accept the reality of there being something else just beyond this universe that we can not see or observe. Whatever this something was or is now is what caused our universe to begin and time to evolve matter into what the universe it is today.


First and most important thing to understand about the universe is the laws in which everything in it abide by and adhere to.

It may surprise you to learn that the universe contains exactly the same proportion of matter-antimatter as when it began billions of years ago. Nothing is ever added to the universe nor is anything ever removed from it. The only variable in the universe is time. It seems weird but its true. Time is always moving forward at the same, constant rate. As this happens the universe becomes older by a rate of one each moment. The distance from the beginning of time to the present extends further and with it the space between grows more complex. The universe begins as one exact measurement of empty/occupied space that everything the universe contained at the moment creation took place. From this point on, every time the universe becomes one moment older, space and time get imbedded in terms of distance. Distance is how everything interacts and communicates accurately so that definite values can exist individually as well as be organized together into one whole universe.

Some thoughts are Necessary

To explain the Universe in a way that makes sense, there is one important detail that needs addressing. Where did the universe come from? This is a question that can’t ever really be answered, but it’s a necessary question we must ask ourselves if we ever hope to understand the universe. It’s not the details that are so much important rather its just being able to acknowledge the possibility that our universe was created by some larger source of energy, beyond our observation.   

It makes sense that the universe was first created by an external source that began as merely potential for creation to occur that ultimately turned into actual creation. Afterall Isn’t everything created this way, beginning as potential first. Everything has a gestational period before it becomes independent and exists on its own. So I do not feel it’s unreasonable to believe the universe is no exception to this I  realize that the universe could only ever exist and harbor life if there was something external outside of the universe