Food For Thought

There is so much detail to go over and I’m not quite sure the best way to go about telling a story that has no definite middle or end and the beginning is not what it seems to be. I guess the real question is, where to begin this tale of time evolving one universe?

Where did the universe come from?

This is a question that can’t ever really be answered but it’s a necessary question we must ask ourselves if we ever hope to understand the universe. It’s not the details that are so much important rather its just being able to acknowledge the possibility that our universe was created by some larger source of energy, beyond our observation.

It makes sense that the universe was created within the interior of some kind of Alpha universe if you will. By definition creation only occurs if something has clear, distinct values of XYZ that are unlike anything before it, making it unique and new. XYZ isn’t possible unless there was a time before it that XYZ didn’t exist. Otherwise, there is no difference between what was and what is. Something can not exist nowhere out of nothing because even nothing is still something and nowhere will always be somewhere.

Whether you believe in a god, science, or a mixture of the two does not really matter. All that matters is being able to accept the reality of there being something else just beyond this universe that we can not see or observe. Whatever this something was or is now is what caused our universe to begin and time to evolve matter into what the universe it is today.


First and most important thing to understand about the universe is the laws in which everything in it abide by and adhere to.

It may surprise you to learn that the universe contains exactly the same proportion of matter-antimatter as when it began billions of years ago. Nothing is ever added to the universe nor is anything ever removed from it. The only variable in the universe is time. It seems weird but its true. Time is always moving forward at the same, constant rate. As this happens the universe becomes older by a rate of one each moment. The distance from the beginning of time to the present extends further and with it the space between grows more complex. The universe begins as one exact measurement of empty/occupied space that everything the universe contained at the moment creation took place. From this point on, every time the universe becomes one moment older, space and time get imbedded in terms of distance. Distance is how everything interacts and communicates accurately so that definite values can exist individually as well as be organized together into one whole universe.


Imaginary Council-Napoleon Hill

I once read a book by Napoleon Hill called think and grow rich. I was very interested in the idea of using my mind as a tool to creatively build my life as I saw fit. Could this really be possible, to think my life awesome? What could be achieved through using only one’s mind I wondered. I was especially intrigued by Napoleon Hill’s “Imaginary Council” of men. It was exciting to read about his experience communicating with these men he admired, most of whom had long since died. Interestingly enough, during these imaginary meetings, Hill’s mind constructed personalities for each of these men or perhaps he discovered a way to communicate using only his subconscious mind.

When you stop to think about it, is the latter really that unimaginable considering how amazing the human mind is. When it comes to communication the mind finds every possible connection it can make between two or more people. Back and forth, exchanging ideas and body language, the subconscious mind each person within a shared environment will naturally We dream at night of places we’ve never been and people we’ve never met yet somehow our mind still finds a way to interact with them as if they were real.