What is Thought?

My thoughts are obviously powerful. They are always on and dictate my entire day and life. But why are they so overwhelming powerful. Most people can think and do something at the same time without a problem. My thoughts run the show. I would almost be willing to claim that my thoughts are more powerful than I am. It seems like my thoughts come into my head and I just comprehend them. In other words I don’t choose my thoughts. I choose my emotions and actions, I even get to decide what my desires are. But… I do not create my thoughts. They just pop in my head all day long. I can either entertain them or choose to deflect them but I can’t turn them down or off. Where do my thoughts come from? The inner dialog that is constantly chattering day in and day out : first thoughts of the day are either my reaction to the dream i was just in or me wondering what time it is. Once I know I think about what that means – do I get up or go back to sleep, instantly I know the answer and feelings develop. Basically the point of wake up is unique in that it is the only time experience happens even though I didn’t knowingly choose it. It’s crazy how every night I go to sleep, I know where I am and everything is very cognitive. But the second I fall asleep, my awareness of self goes bye bye. Literally every morning before I do or think anything-I have to figure out where I am and what that means. Then in an instant my head is flooded with thoughts about who I am and what my life is that day. This is kind of insane considering I have been me my whole life. How can I forget in one night? How is it possible that I don’t know this information? This information is me so how is it possible that I can experience a moment when I don’t know anything about myself. I couldn’t do that if I tried. It’s impossible to not know who you are when you are awake. Maybe thoughts are actually the thing that’s not real, they create the physical reality and are how memories get built in our brain. The unconscious mind has no physical form. Just emotions and potential. Driven by the desire to live for whatever reason. I assume it’s to gain understanding and clarity about what I am by seeing what I am capable of accomplishing as a physical being. But who knows really. Anyway…. When you sleep, your thoughts unwind. They become physics imprints in your brain aka memories. Your mind sorts out what it will add to the memory bank and what information still needs attending to. Anything unresolved gets stored in the more lucid part of the brain, the one connected directly to our consciousness. Until closure occurs, these thoughts will be stored as desires. Which means instead of converting these thoughts into physical memories (more dense form of thought) they will become energy specific forms, less dense than thoughts. After every thought has been sorted and placed accordingly, your mind will continue to micro-organize. It will simulate experiences based on our emotional palette so that we gain free form energy. Emotions motivate desires. Desires motivate thought which dictates our actions that become experiences our mind uses to elicit emotion based on our memories and beliefs. If the mind can produce emotional responses using only memories and desire it can create this void where thought usually lives- between desire and emotion. Because there is no conscious thought during this process, the amount of emotion felt during sleep, becomes free energy. During the day emotional energy is fused with a whole string of thoughts and the originating desire. So it’s burned as quick as it arrives.


Who am I?

The mind is an amazing thing as we all know.  Your mind is no doubt different from mine and mine from anyone else.  The way we think and operate is what makes us who we are. It’s what makes us special and unique among the 7 billion other people belonging to our species. The crazy thing is, not one of us can ever truly know what it’s like to think and feel as anyone but ourselves. So how  can we be sure of our uniqueness after all?  I mean obviously we are all unique in the way we look and speak but does having our own set of chromosomes mean anything about how unique our mind actually is and operates? For all we know, every human has the same basic brain functionality. Individual personality but overall, the same operations take place. Even though we can never answer these questions 100%, unable to observe two minds at once, we can still seek answers just by interacting with people as we all do. I assume that everyone will formulate their own ideas about who they are and how they think at some point in their life. We do this by learning who we aren’t over and over until finally, it becomes clear that if we’re not this and we’re not that, then we must be something else entirely. It may take awhile but eventually, it becomes clear. We are who we choose to be but who that is, changes every moment. Personality is fluid and the mind is always changing. The thing is, we are never just one person. We may only have one body but who we are is different for every person we meet. Quite literally, every person perceives you differently, even if you’re in the same room, in a shared conversation. You will be remember by each person differently. The people who spend the most time with us have a detailed picture of who we are in their mind. Whose to say they’re idea of me isn’t more accurate than my own ideas of me?

My point is…It’s kind of crazy to think about. What makes us well…..us?    Do other people mold me just as much as I do?         If we are always changing, what does defines us?


I’d love to hear what you have to say about this. Feel free to comment or leave feedback.

Until next time…

The creative mind always prevails :


Many people quote Albert Einstein and that’s not because he was mathematically inclined or a brilliant physicist, it is because he had this amazing ability to think of ideas that were so insane and improbable that they might actually be true and many of those ideas proved to be true or at least necessary for the advancement of science. However, sometimes it seems like we forget where the real magic is. We credit numbers and figures, physics and other measurable entities but like Sir Albert E once said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
And I 100% agree with this statement. Sometimes I think about what it means to be alive and a part of this wonderful universe we call home, and my mind comes up with many interesting theories and conclusions but with no way of measuring thoughts or testing them scientifically, they are just ideas and will remain this way forever. However, as weird as it may be, I honestly feel more certain and sure about the things I thought of on my own and have no real evidence or physical data whatsoever other than my own personal experiences and brainstorming ideas onto paper or in my head. I just feel more confident about these ideas than some of the stuff I have been taught in school, including college. Obviously, I don’t feel this way about everything but sometimes I’ll be listening to my professor lecture and think to myself, there’s no way that’s accurate or I’ll wonder why someone would explain and believe something that to me, seems really outlandish. It seems like people would rather create false reasoning than believe in abs ideas that just make sense but have little evidence to support them. Science does not allow abstract reasoning.
It’s kind of unfortunate really.
That’s not to say I don’t appreciate Science exactly as it is or wish to change it. I only wish that that people would be open to imaginative ways of thinking and respect ideas that may not be explainable. So many of us ridicule creative thinking at times and I’m sure there are so many people afraid to talk openly about ideas they have because they seem bizarre or different and have little evidence if any to support them. If we could accept or consider the possibility that maybe crazy ideas aren’t all that crazy. In fact, the only thing we actually ever know is that we know nothing at all. We can guess and explain the universe all we like, but it doesn’t make it any more true. Science explains how things interact and the mechanics of how things work, but it doesn’t explain why something is the way it is or its reason for existing.

So how can we say that we know anything about the physical world when we can never truly know why people, places and things exist in the first place? Everything was created for a reason and has an intended purpose, whether it be significant or not, this defines things as being unique. Not knowing something as fundamental to a person, place or thing as its reason for existing or how it affects the world and other people, means anything we might observe or conclude about the world, is pure imaginative story-telling based on speculation that has continued for generations of people living and sharing in many environments. COLLABORATION of ideas over time has caused us to falsely believe things as being factual that are inaccurate and completely misleading, yet we blindly trust ideas just because they make logical sense and it’s easier to believe them than challenge 90% of the world’s population and be ridiculed for thinking about things that go against common belief.

A good example of this is when Charles Lyell expressed his belief that the Earth was more than 300 million years old. People did not like this idea because it meant that things like Noah’s Arc didn’t really happen. People do not react kindly when someone threatens their belief system, especially when it’s something as influential to people’s lives as Christianity was at the time Lyell was making these claims.
We know now that Lyell was right about Earth’s age, but it took real bravery on his part to challenge popular belief. Luckily he was about to prove his claims with evidence but I’m certain there are some things that can’t never truly be proven or explained with tangible evidence. Like emotion, I can never provide evidence for the way I feel love or pain in any tangible type of way that can be experienced or understood by another person. Same with the sensations my body experiences when I encounter others or the way my mind thinks thoughts. I also can’t prove that the hair on my body or anyone’s body for that matter was created to keep us warm and regulate temperature like science tells us it is. I honestly don’t think that’s why we have hair but because it explains hair in a way that seems believable, we trust this logic as being sound but is it really?

Who knows, maybe, maybe not.
I respect someone greatly who can think how they want to and be who they are, even if it means being different and even a little crazy at times.
The craziest ideas are the best ones in my opinion.
Id rather dreams up crazy ideas than be accepted by people because I deny myself the pleasure of being creative and vulnerable to my imagination.
I hope others feel the same