Gravity: What’s the Problem?

Gravity is perhaps the greatest mystery our universe has to offer. Either its one of those things that exceed human comprehension or maybe the mechanics of Gravity are unknown due to simply misunderstanding its function. Einstein was a genius there’s no doubt about that being true. Same with Isaac Newton. However, it wasn’t their ability to solve complex equations rather it was their curiosity that led to their greatest discoveries. Sometimes the most valuable information comes from within the imagination.

It is possible that we have been asking the wrong questions for quite some many years now. We think of gravity as being the force of nature that binds us to Earth and creates motion among the planets and stars in our universe. And that may be the case in the grand scheme of things but what if gravity is more like a single motion weaving in and out of all matter much like a string or ribbon. Basically, gravity doesn’t act on an individual scale rather it binds all matter together into one perfectly constructed universe from the bang to this moment right now. Gravity is what allows one universe the ability to create smaller objects from matter within it at different times in various locations throughout space. Variation can occur because as space expands outward, particles multiply every moment the universe is alive. The only problem is that the particles are so small that by the time each new particle forms, space expands again and again so particles don’t quite have enough time to reach their counter particle before the universe expands again. Until enough particles have been created that they begin to attract each other at shorter distances and essentially this causes space to be broken up into sub-sections where matter evolves into atoms from particles. As soon as two opposing particles annihilate each other they create a spark of energy.
Before going further, it’s necessary to consider…
When the universe came into existence, there were 3 basic functions causing expansion and particle creation but for any of this to happen there had to be some type of force responsible for holding space and time together into one neat bubble. This force was and is gravity. From the moment the universe began, time has always flowed at a constant rate. First Another way of looking at gravity this way is by thinking about what it means for any single body with mass to exist. Take human beings for instance. Every person has a body made up of roughly 7 x 10^27 atoms. These atoms bind together to form a person’s internal body as well as their external shell aka their skin.


The Elements of Reality: Ingredients For The World

empty space, dense particles, and varying levels of energy construct the entire universe. Individual clusters will shape elements that exist at the moment creation occurs. For example when stars are born, they were first the product of hydrogen gas spinning together into a protostar. The star is not completely formed until hydrogen is forced to begin fusing at the center of each hydrogen cluster. It will maintain this energy until time has consumed every bit of hydrogen the star had at the beginning of its life. Once the star has exhausted its all of its fuel, it will have nothing left to fuse. At this point, the star will die, leaving behind trace elements for new stars to consume. These elements are all but teaspoons of variation in the grand scheme of things, but it is these teaspoons that allow evolution to produce variations for every location of space matter exists. Eventually these spoonfuls develop over time, creating unique systems that don’t exist anywhere else. This is what makes the universe so special. It may seem like an endless void filled with tiny specks of light and dust but its much more than that. I don’t think anyone would argue that the universe is an immaculate creation that exceeds humans understanding. The real magic isn’t in the extravagant complexities the universe was created by, rather the amazing truth that everything that ever was or will be is made from the same three ingredients. Isn’t that pretty crazy to think about. If this is true, then every interaction we experience is the result of our body’s energy-matter ratio constantly changing

Eventually, matter will organize itself into groups that compliment overall energy: matter ratio unique to every location of space. This is what causes evolution, matter to time embedded as elements interacting within definite areas the two within locations these time creations spread